Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jim's Yummy Yarny Xmas Present for me!

My dear Jim has listened to me carefully - and watched me look at this online so many times. He got me a subscription to Biscotte & Cie's 2009 sock club! Woo hoo! I LOVE her yarn! I only wish I had bought all of her past Harry Potter colorways because they are awesome.

So I will have a lovely yarny time during the first few months of 2009. And as for Jim's presents.....he's gotten one of them, but when I went to go to Bath & Body Works yesterday in the mall, they had a sign on their door that they were closed due to snow, since Sunday. Amazing. Every other store in the mall was open, and the buses were running just fine. So...I guess I'll have to go back later on sometime. Not my favorite place to be really, at this time of year, but alas.

We also took a Santa picture while there. Miss M was extremely upset once she saw Santa, even though she was excited up until that point. I will have to scan and post the picture as everyone looks pretty happy except for her. Jim wasn't in this picture as there wasn't much room, and he was the designated coat and bag holder while we smiled with Santa.

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Biscotte said...

I am so happy you got the club for christmas !! welcome in ;-) !!