Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday drive

So, I'm sitting here trying to knit Jim's socks, since Peregrin and Gabriel are napping (and Jim too!). I'm watching BBC News and I'm feeling like I should/need to do a million things which is probably why I'm blogging instead of just knitting. I really need to turn on the Celtic radio and just listen and knit.

However, we took a nice drive out to Multnomah Falls yesterday. I love going there, and so does the rest of the family. It was after 3pm when we left though, so we got there around 5pm since we had to stop to eat first. It was pretty cold, and to make it colder, the wind was blowing like hell. The river was completely choppy and being at the Falls wasn't exactly a warm idea. Ah, but it was still pretty. And I love drives. I don't need a destination, I just need myself in the car and some time. My favorite thing is to drive and see where I end up; to discover new things and new places. It always settles the kids down, and I feel completely at peace. Especially if there are lots of trees nearby. I love trees....woods....forests.

I also love to feel like I don't have to do anything in particular. Like when I get on the freeway and I feel like I can just keep going. I don't have to go anywhere but where I want to. Just keep on going until I get to where I want to, and have a new adventure. Life seems like that, like I can just keep going down the road, and enjoy all the stops along the way and just enjoy where I end up as I wander along. I mean that metephorically and literally.

Well, back to reality right now, and here's some pics of the kids and the falls. We weren't there long as it was getting a bit dark, and for once, I wasn't in the mood for a hike up the mountain to the falls. I really just felt cold.

This is what it looks like when I look back in our van. Carseats, boosters, everywhere. Oh yeah, and kids too.

Top of Multnomah Falls, from the bottom.

Whoa, look at the water!

"We're a wild and an untamed thing!"

"No, I'm not coming!"

OK, so that's it. I'm going to get back to knitting now because I'm paranoid that the kids are going to wake up before I can do anything. And PS, I'm pretty happy that I've only got about 20lbs left to lose to get down to pre-pregnancy weight. I was so puffy at the end of my pregnancy that for the first time I honestly didn't want my picture taken. Now, I finally get that. I really should work out a little though. My tummy is always the hardest thing to get back down and into shape.

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Biscotte said...

Ohhhh nice pictures of your little family !! I have pics like that too : all the kids sitting in the car and ready to go !! :-)

This Multnomah Falls seems to be a beautiful place !!