Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yarnie Yarnie - Pics - Massive Yarn Score!

I'm trying to catch up with all my yarnie goodness, so here's my package from Biscotte & Cie that I received on Feb. 6th. I have made little progress with Jim's socks, but I'm centered on making longies for Peregrin right now. This yarn, however, will be socks. Socks for me, socks for Peregrin, and socks for who knows who!

The Harry Potter Yarns....

This is the Watermelon self-striping yarn. I wish I had an example of how it knits up. Well, I will when I get to some socks for Miss M with it.

And, finally this is my Sgt. Pepper's yarn from her Yarn Club for February. I just love hand-dyed self-striping yarn!

Now here's my February yarn for The Unique Sheeps Lord of the Rings sock club. The package has a pin, some dreamy tea, the Hobbiton sock pattern, and the Hobbiton colorway.

Here's my Three Irish Girls yummy BFL yarn that we picked out for Peregrin's soakers.



And finally, if you've made it to the end of this post, then I'm going to reward you with some chubby cutie-pie goodness!


Felicia said...

Comments working on this yet?
They need to be so I can comment on how cute Peregrin's chubby little cheekies are.
And I'm gonna fly up there and steal that Beatles yarn... I am!

Christina said...

lol. don't worry, the yarn fairie will visit you soon and leave you singing softly about a band with lonely hearts. But how soon depends on how soon Biscotte releases this colorway again.

babies are lucky to look cute even if they're fat :)