Monday, February 16, 2009


So Jim and I hadn't really discussed doing anything for Valentines. I pretty much think it's a greeting card holiday....well it really is thanks to that Victorian card designer whose name escapes me. Ah, but anyhow....and Jim was working a late shift that day as well. I think just having a glass of wine and hanging out is enough. Just taking a little time together. Gifts and cards are nice, but I like making Jim cards and notes for holidays. It seems so much more true of a way to let him know how I feel.

So we did that Friday since he was home - had some wine and watched LOST (which can be downloaded from xbox live ....I had no idea!). Jim brought back chocolates from the store with the wine though. Sneaky. Then when we got up Saturday I asked Jim to make me coffee and he made me a latte instead.

Then when he came back from Baker & Spice Saturday he had a cake for me along with the bread. He's relentless! And it was delicious....

I also got some flowers from Jim, which were waiting on the table for me.

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James Black said...

I love you a lot...that deserves a lot of gifting!!