Monday, January 19, 2009

Belly Mask, Belly, and the kiddos

Jim got the belly mask, or belly cast, done this past Friday. He bought the materials for it back about a month ago, but we just didn't seem to get the time to get it done. We had an hour in-between picking up the kids and he asked if I wanted to try to get it done. It took him less than half an hour this time and here is the raw casting.

We haven't actually finished off any of the belly masks we've done. I don't know if I want to though. I like the way it looks raw. I still have Morgana's packed up, and hopefully it's not damaged since I haven't checked it at all since we moved 3 years ago.

This is the one we did from Gabriel's pregnancy. They look remarkably similar, with the exception that my belly was lower on his but the roundness and size is similar. I'd like to get Morgana's out soon to compare with hers as well. Hers was done with my hands across my belly which was much more time-consuming, as well it being the first time we did it. I remember I had a very distinct one-hour-long period of prodromal labor after that belly casting.

Here is my big ol' belly last Friday.

I was smiling at Gabriel as he was making sure that I remembered he was there.

Gabriel having a blast playing with Morgana, Jim, and I in the bedroom. I kind of think he has a pretty infectious smile and laugh.

Morgana and I hanging around together. I'd post some pics of the older boys but they are never around when it's time to take a picture. They seem to always be busy with other things. But then again, I suppose it might be a little scary if they were jumping around on the bed with me...I might get squashed! ;)


Felicia said...

Awww! Look at you, beautiful momma!! Oh, I'm SO excited!! =cD
::mwah::Mwah::mwah::: to all of you!!

Biscotte said...

OHhh I love the belly mask !! Very pretty pictures of you and your kids !!! Happy family :-)