Friday, January 23, 2009

Jim's Pirate Mitts

Argh! These things really knit up fast and fun! I think they're a great project for my first fair isle pattern. I adapted the pattern so they would fit Jim instead of me! Here's what I did....

Yarn: I used worsted weight - black (MC) & off white (CC). Cascade 220 as Jim likes simple, sturdy wools for his hands.

Needles: I used 16" circulars in size 7 (two).

Mods: Besides upsizing my needles and yarn weight, to do them "mitt style" I worked the regular chart until row 31, and then I did row 32 completely in my MC (black), row 33 completely in my CC (white), and row 34 completely in MC (black). To prevent rolling, I began a 1x1 ribbing in both CC & MC like the cuff had. I did 3 rounds of ribbing, and then did one final round of MC. I finished it off with a sewn bind off, continuing in black.

The thumb was worked like the directions, but I picked up an additional 5 stitches to make it a total of 23 stitches to fit my husband's thumb. I worked the chart for a total of 6 rounds, then one round of MC, and the sewn bind off to create an open thumb.

Final Measurements:
Length - 9.5" approx.
Width - 8" approx.
Thumb - 4" approx.

I'm fascinated by the checkerboard and stripes in black and white. It's sort of swirling around in my head along
with the Alice in Wonderland ideas I have. I love this pattern. I think I'm going to have to make the pirate hat also.


Felicia said...

holy crap, woman! I am SO not going to post pictures of the little fingerless gloves I made now...sheesh, how embarrassing!

wow, these are so darn awesome, they are beyond awesome. I think I am simply in love with the checkerboard motif on the palms. (don't know why, checkerboard has been my thing lately)

Goodness, you are crafty! =cD Awesome job!

Damn it, Jim. You are so lucky!!

Christina said...

oh stop it! lol. they are MUCH easier than I thought they'd be. I put them off for a bit because I thought fair isle would be tricky...once I figured out how to hold the yarn (which wasn't any of the ways that I saw in tutorials mind you) to suit me, all went well.

I've got a thing with the checkerboard too! It's inspiring me in many other ways...

And thanks Felicia :) But you should post the gloves anyhow! I posted my first projects, and it was a soaker that had holes I had to go back and stitch up from the inside, heh. It reminds you of where you started and where you go.

Felicia said...

Aww! You're so sweet!

You know, even more than how cool they turn out, I really love the patterns that you choose to make. The little soakers that you mentioned. (Hey? Where's that little one?! hehe..) and the adorable little Cheshire socks that you made up yourself. You know what I mean? Just neat, non-boring stuff. ;) So creative are you!

I will email you a picture of the gloves I made. They aren't much, but I love the yarn they're made from. It's Sensations "Angel Hair" 50% wool, 22% Acrylic, 28% --- and is this crazy, fuzzy, rainbow colored mess, but I love it, hehe.

Weird said...

I just LOVE them, they are great!