Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Yarn!

"Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow; Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow."
~The Fellowship of the Ring, JRR Tolkien

The Bombadil colorway that I ordered for Jim's socks has arrived today! It is sooo soft, and it's in Sushi Socks yarn by The Unique Sheep. I ordered a bigfoot hank of it so it's 580 yards of squishy soft goodness. That should be enough to make his socks and then either some for Gabe or the baby or both! Or whatever. I'm thinking of using the leftovers from my socks to knit into squares and then make a quilt out of those. That would be fun I have a rustic and eclectic quilt that reminds me of all the wonderful projects I've completed.

Plus...I got the stuff today with that yarn, that I ordered for my swap partner in Denmark. I need to send it out this week so it's gets to her on time since it's a Valentines Day swap. Although I think it'll be going international priority so it's faster and trackable so I should be OK on time. I just need to put all the little goodies together. I will take pics and then wait to post them until after she recieves the package. I know she was mailing hers out I get to get a yarny gift in the mail! !!

OK, so I need to get to work on Jim's socks which will take a little bit of swatching since I don't know his specs yet as this is the first pair of socks for him. If it goes as easily as the mitts did with hitting the fit the first time I tried, then all is well. These are going to be the most colorful socks or, well, anything Jim has ever worn. But they are Bombadil socks from one of the most fun and, left out, characters from The Fellowship of the Ring (left from the movie I mean). If it's related to some geeky thing I like, then I will totally knit a sock out of it. There's just something really fun in that. I can't wait until Biscotte puts out her Professor Trelawney and Jack Sparrow colorways from her Fall sock club....I'm totally buying those.

So...if I get to Jim's Bombadils, then on Sunday I get to open up my yarn package that's been waiting quietly and patiently in my bottom stash drawer and see what the first colorway and pattern is for Feb! Jim has tried to tell me to just open it up anyhow because I can do whatever I want (after all), but I have resisted and encouraged him to remember that part of the fun is that you get to do one per month and that's the point of an exclusive sock club. Ruining surprises isn't very much fun. It's like opening your xmas presents in the middle of December. Of course you can, but why would you want to ruin the point of the event?


Felicia said...

You are so freakin’ cute! You and your sockies. ;)) I LOVE the idea of making all the bits of yarn left from projects into some kind of afghan. That is really creative and imagine how pretty that’d be! =c) I am imagining all these tiny squares, hehe. Oh, the texture would be outrageous!

Hehe, and I LOVE that you are keeping next month’s socks a secret… from yourself. Wow, you have a lot more self discipline than I do, girl! I would have totally peeked by now, hehe. I love getting mail and can barely wait to get in the house to rip it open… I don’t think I could wait a month. Well, you only have a few days now, at least! --- I think it is awesome that you are making it even more fun for yourself by not looking. ;) Again, you are so totally cute, hehe. That club sounds like a lot of fun!

Yay, yay, yay. I am happy today and your wonderful blog is making me happy too! =c)

Hope you are feeling better today!


Christina said...

I'm feeling good, but less hyper because Jim's back at work today and I'm just hanging around the house (he took the van instead of his truck..because my van is super awesome). My throat is less painful, and nose is better. Jim seems to be hyper and feeling good. I love that.

I heard of the quilt idea from another LOTR club member, and then I saw this "Barnraising Quilt" in the book 'Knitalong' (which is written by a Portlander...there is such a great knitting scene here) and it was really cool because it was made by hundreds of people.

Apparently I have massive amounts of patience, my god, I had no idea. Either that or you and Jim are just really bad little sneaks. You are aren't you?! You used to tear open your xmas presents and peek at them didn't you?! Heh heh heh.

Waiting...that's all I do anymore. All I do. It's OK, I'm biding my time and I shall have redemption by having awesome socks!

Feb.1 also happens to be Superbowl Sunday which I would normally ignore and then be a snob and make fun of all football fans...however. Damien has expressed a greater interest in sports lately and in watching the Superbowl so we are heading to my parents for a Superbowl afternoon and guess what I'll be doing? Knitting Biscotte's new yarn of course! ::rubs hands together suspiciously::

Felicia said...

Ha! Am not a sneak!! Okay... maybe I am...

Hehe, that's funny about the Super Bowl. I am the same way, but we usually sit and watch it for the commercials. I guess I am a sucker for clever advertising...

Hey, isn't that the greatest thing about knitting?!! Being able to turn something that could be boring into quality fiber fun time! We drove to Orlando today and I knit all the way (we're in the motel now and I'm making little hand warmers for my nieces) and we will be going to watch R/C car racing tomorrow, which I can only take so much of lately, but if I can find a corner to sit in and knit, the day will go by fast.

I think it's really awesome that your support your kiddos interests so much, even if they differ from something you'd ever be interested in. ;) They're just allowed to be who they are. Love it.